General questions

Before preparing the plants in the PlantHome, you need to follow the instructions in the growing manual. After this, you can start growing your “Own Greens”. If you want more information about the components and/or technical specifications of the PlantHome, you can consult the technical manual.

You can find both manuals on our website.

When you run out of plant cups or plant pads for your PlantHome or you would like to try a new variety, you can simply buy new varieties via this page. 

Please check the grower's manual via this link for instructions on howto use the plant cups or plant pads.

To adjust the timer of the light intensity, you click on the “Mode” button on the front panel of the PlantHome. The green light shows you the current setting of the PlantHome, which can be 8 hours, 12 hours or 20 hours. Each time you press the “Mode” button, the light intensity moves up one level. We would advise you to always use the 20 hours setting, since this gives the best growing results. If the bright light is too intense with this setting, you could consider using a lower setting, however this slows down the plants growing process.

The power consumption of the PlantHome depends on the chosen light setting and is as follows:

Mode 1, 8 hours: 10W

Mode 2: 12 hours: 15W

Mode 3: 20 hours (recommended): 20W

The maximum power consumption in mode 3 (20 hours) is approximately 0,4kWh per day, which equates to approximately 150kWh per year.

Plant cups and plant pads can be stored in a dark and dry environment at room temperature. However, it’s important to make sure there is no fluctuating temperature or humidity in the storage area, as this can cause the seeds to germinate. The cups and pads have an expiration date of 6 months. It’s possible that they still work after six months, but we cannot guarantee this.

Please check our Shipping and Returns page.

Own Greens currently ships to most countries within Europe. To some countries we can not ship due to imprort restrictions. However, the shipping costs might differ  per country. Please see the Shipping & Returns page.

You can clean the bowls and lids by washing them with water and soap or you can simply put them inside the dish washer. The plastic germination caps are best rinsed with warm water as they are not dishwasher proof. The bowls, lids and germination caps are reusable, but if you want the best results you must clean them before you start growing a new plant.

We want to make sure that your growing process runs as smoothly as possible. So please contact our customerservice when you run into problems. Together with you, we will try to find out what went wrong. If this doesn’t work out, we will send you new plant cups or plant pads free of charge. So be sure to contact us if you have any problems!

Furthermore, try to follow each step in the growing manual as carefully as possible when you are setting up the PlantHome. This way, you reduce the chance of any problems during your growing process.


Own Greens’ cultivation method is designed to do almost all the work for you, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time caring for the plants. However, there are a couple of important points you shouldn’t forget.

First, remember to check the water level in the bowls every 4 days and refill them when approximately 1/3 of the total amount of water is gone. Especially when the plants are at the end of their growing stage as they use more water by that time. Drying out is the biggest issue when using the PlantHome, so make sure you keep the water level at approximately half a centimetre below the rim of the bowl.

Also make sure to follow everystep carefully in the growing manual when setting up the PlantHome. If you forget certain steps in the preparation process, for example setting the right light duration and intensity, this can have a negative effect on the growth of your plants.

The germination time is different for each plant and it also depends on the chosen light setting including the temperature in your house. Please check the growing manual via this link for a more elaborate explanation on how to take care of your plants.

It’s important to check the water level in the bowls every 4 days and to refill them when approximately 1/3 of the total amount of water is gone. Especially when the plants are at the end of their growing stage as they use more water by that time. Drying out is one of the biggest issues when using the PlantHome, so don’t forget to always keep the water level at approximately half a centimetre below the rim of the bowl.

To add water, you just lift the lid from the bowl and fill it with tap- or mineral water.

When the plants in your PlantHomeare fully grown (check the growing manual for the estimated times of growth),you can remove them from the PlantHome and place the plants near a window or on top of the PlantHome. This way you can make sure there is room for new plantsin your PlantHome! From the moment they are fully grown, the plants stay alivefor at least a month, provided that you keep watering them.

When your plant is fully grown,you can choose to harvest the whole plant at once, or just pluck a few leaves. When you choose to use some leaves and you leave the plant in the PlantHome or near a window, the leaves will slowly regrow. Due to your plant staying alive for a month (provided that you keep watering it), you can enjoy the leaves every once in awhile, without having to harvest the whole plant at once.

It’s possible for white mould or green algae to occur in your bowl. You don’t need to worry about this. Despite the fact that this doesn’t look very pretty, mould and algae are not harmful to your plants.

There are different reasons why mould and algae can grow on your plants:

·      Pesticides, fungicides or other harmful chemicals have been accidentally added to the Own Greens plant cups, plant pads and nutrition pills.

·      We always make sure the materials we use are as clean and healthy as possible. The nutrition pills, for example, give the water exactly the right pH level. This doesn’t only create a perfect environment foryour plants, but it also creates the right conditions for mould and algae to grow.

Thus, you can’t entirely prevent the growing of mould and algae, but this also isn’t harmful to your plants. What can be helpful, is cleaning the bowls and lids every time you re-use them.

On our web shop, you can find an extensive range of seeds to grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs in the PlantHome. To make sure that the growing process runs as smoothly as possible, we made a distinction between plant cups and plant pads. Certain varieties grow better on a mat than on a plug or vice versa. In fact, the plant cups are special plugs with seeds inside, whereas the plant pads are mats with seeds on top. Both cups and pads are very easy to use in the PlantHome, due to the complimentary lids with an ideal fit.