Our mission

A long-term solution!

Although growing your own foods is very trendy at the moment, Own Greens is by no means a one-hit wonder or just part of the hype. Own Greens offers various, scalable growing solutions with which the consumer can expand their home-growing if desired.

It is therefore possible to ultimately grow all fresh vegetables and herbs according to your own needs at home, without the intervention of farmers or shops.

In addition, Own Greens’ systems do not use pesticides or other harmful chemicals. By switching to the Own Greens method, you not only contribute to creating a better world, but also
to your own health!

Meet the team

At Own Greens we work with a team of young, enthusiastic professionals. Below, we would like to introduce them to you.


As the founder of Own Greens I support our team of young professionals to bring the Own Greens experience to your homes.


I'm involved in Own Greens since the start of the company. My main task is the daily management of Own Greens and the team. Having a background in engineering, I'm also involved on the technical side. 


I'm Quentin, I'm responsible for everything photo and video at Owngreens, everything from the social media posts to product photos for new products!


As a copywriter for Own Greens, I am involved in everything related to text. For example, I write and check texts for the website and I make the captions for the posts on our social media.

Lorenzo & Matteo

Within Own Greens we are part of the product development team. We focus on the current and future design of PlantHomes.