The PlantHome smart garden is made from bamboo and equipped with an automated and efficient LED panel to give your plants the right amount of light to grow. The indoor garden is covered with acrylic smoke glass on the sides and front to block any extra bright light in your room. If necessary, the front plate can be removed easily by sliding it open. The PlantHome is the perfect addition to any interior space due to its homely appearance.

We designed the PlantHome to be hassle-free. The indoor garden is low maintenance and requires little cleaning. We provide prepared plant cups along with minerals all in one little box. Add water, plug in the device and start growing and enjoying your Own Greens!

Read more in our Own Greens manual:

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Manual (EN)



Model name: PlantHome

Material: Bamboo, acrylic smoke glass

Plant Cup capacity: 8 (2 per bowl)

Plant Pad capacity: 4 (1 per bowl)

Product width 378 mm (14,9”) (390mm (15,4” including small front plate knob)

Product height: 325 mm (12,8”)

Product depth: 322 mm (12,7”)

Product weight: 3,2 kg

Power consumption: 20 W

Electricity consumption per month: 4,9 – 12,2 kWh

Length of cable: 150mm

Water capacity growing bowls: 650ml each (2,6 l in total)