The garden struggle

The garden struggle

Today's menu…. beans, tomorrow's menu beans and the day after tomorrow also beans. Recognizable?

In a vegetable garden, you harvest when it is done growing and then you have to eat it. If you keep it for too long it is no fresh. With the PlantHome you can approach this differently, because you can choose not to harvest everything at once, but to get what you need that day! The advantage is that it stays fresh and that you can enjoy it for longer. This way you have a lot more control over your harvest.

Plan your harvest

To have a good routine with the PlantHome, you will occasionally have to sow something new. You can make a detailed planning. But you can also choose the following method: When you start to eat something, you have to sow something!

This way you ensure that your PlantHome is never empty. Your own rhythm becomes the guiding principle of your planning, in this way you don’t make it more difficult than needed.

Good luck.