Plants love light

Plants love light

If plants have no light, they will not grow. But how do plants grow by giving them light?

The green leaves of the plants turn green because of the leaf green grains present when they receive sunlight. Leafy green granules ensure the production of sugar and oxygen. The grains are small factories where the plant makes sugar and oxygen from water, minerals, and CO2.

Own Greens provides exactly the right amount of water and nutrition (minerals) in the growing container. The necessary light comes from special LEDs that emit the correct wavelengths for leaf green granules. An optimal growth environment is created with this light. Providing longer light per day and high light intensity can ensure faster growth. The plant does need some rest now and then, as it has a day/night rhythm just like us. Leaving the light on continuously is therefore not optimal.

With the light spectrum of LEDs, you can control the smell and taste during the growth of plants. For example, a blue spectrum provides more flavor and a red spectrum helps for growth of the leaves and stem. By playing with these colors you can optimize the development of your herbs and vegetables.

For example, the PlantHome also has different light spectra such as blue and red light, which is not clearly visible with the naked eye but is certainly present.

Try out the PlantHome and experiment with the three different light settings!