No time for a vegetable garden? Time for a PlantHome!

No time for a vegetable garden? Time for a PlantHome!

The new school year has started again, which also means that the daily routine with work, school, sports and household chores has started again. Something that often falls short as the days get busier again is cooking a fresh and healthy meal, as it often takes longer than putting an unhealthy meal on the table. We can imagine that growing your own greens and herbs is not high on your list of priorities during this period. Because that takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? But nothing could be further from the truth! By growing with our PlantHome you ensure that, even if you have little time, you always have a healthy addition to your meals. Unlike maintaining a vegetable garden, growing with the PlantHome hardly takes time. But how is that possible? We explain that to you below!

A successful harvest, clean and hassle free

Setting up your own vegetable garden can be quite a time-consuming task. For example, it takes a lot of knowledge and suitable outdoor space to create a good vegetable garden. Of course, you could also go for an easier option that takes up less space, such as a vegetable garden in the form of a container to put on your balcony. However, these options are often not as quick as you would think: the container needs to be assembled, you have to fill it with soil and then you have to sow the desired vegetables and herbs. Moreover, with a classic vegetable garden or vegetable garden container you are dependent on many factors, such as the quality of the soil and the weather, and you therefore still run the risk that your harvest will fail. With the PlantHome you can grow your own vegetables and herbs in an easy and clean way, even if you have limited time and space. Assembling the PlantHome only takes five minutes and you only have to fill the growing bowls with water, so no messing around with soil. Moreover, the plants in the PlantHome receive up to 20 hours of light per day and it never gets colder than it is in the room where you place it, which ensures that your harvest is almost guaranteed to be a success!

Never wash again

When you buy vegetables or herbs in the supermarket, it is wise to wash them before use. Many vegetables and herbs from the supermarket have been treated with crop protection products, which you would rather not ingest. Of course, you can also choose vegetables and herbs that have not been treated, but these often still have to be washed because there is soil or other dirt on them. The Plant Pads and Plant Cups that you grow in your PlantHome, don’t contain any pesticides or other chemicals. Moreover, you only have to fill the growing bowls with water and minerals, so there is no soil on your plants. So you can simply cut Own Greens herbs from the plant and add them directly to your dish and you can even eat our lettuce without having to wash and dry it first.

Easy watering

Providing plants with sufficient water appears to be the pitfall for many people when it comes to maintaining their own vegetable garden. If you are too enthusiastic and water your plants every day, you run the risk of rotting the roots and killing the plants. But when it's suddenly very sunny, you have a chance that the soil dries up too quickly and the plants eventually dry out. With the PlantHome, watering your plants is easy: you check the water level in the growing bowls once every 4 days and refill the bowls if they are about a third empty. Moreover, you do not have to refill at all during the germination phase, which is nice and easy!