New Year, New Stuff!

New Year, New Stuff!

Anyone else looking forward to 2021? Just us? Okay…

Prior to the new year we have worked continuously on our products and developments, specifically on our new plant containers and plant varieties. So far, you may be familiar with our Plant Cups that are used with white re-usable plastic container parts containing multiple holes for plant growth. Including the transparent cap for seed germination. However, this is now a little different (and better!).

After reviewing the feedback from our customers we realised that the system for growing plants in multiple holes needs simplifying down to just 2 holes per container. In this way, it's easier to track the growing stages of your plants without the hassle of moving them around. Next to this, we introduce a brand new container cover with a large square hole designed specifically for our new Plant Pads. The varieties grown on pads are the fastest growing plants in our collection, which take only 2-3 weeks to grow until ready for harvesting. We offer different salad mixes for sandwiches, burgers and even smoothies. Along with that you can grow herbs like coriander and chives, which can’t be grown on cups. You can have a look at the different varieties on our website.

Additionally, we improved the material of the sustainable growing bowl to 80% bamboo, which is long-lasting, dishwasher safe and most importantly, environmentally friendly! The transparent cap went through a little change too. It is still reusable, but lighter, recyclable and more convenient for the start of the growing process.

If you are already growing your Own Greens and you want to switch over to the new container, then you can buy a full set of new containers separately here.