Fancy a drink? 3x drinks with fresh herbs to make yourself

Fancy a drink? 3x drinks with fresh herbs to make yourself

A caprese salad, a pasta with pesto and a pizza with rocket: these are all examples of dishes that you can prepare with the home-grown fresh vegetables and herbs from your PlantHome. These are all delicious dishes, but did you know that you can prepare not only food, but also tasty drinks with fresh herbs? And we're not just talking about cocktails, such as the well-known mojito with mint! Read on for three delicious drinks that you can make super-fast with your home-grown herbs!

Iced tea with fresh mint

We’re all familiar with iced tea, but when you order an iced tea in the average cafe, you usually get the 'standard' iced tea from a carton or bottle. But did you know that you can also make delicious iced tea yourself and even use our home-grown herbs as an ingredient? And it's super easy too! As a basis for your iced tea, use a large pitcher of water in which you hang two or three bags of your favorite tea. Then you can go all out and add seasonings such as lemon, honey and, for example, fresh mint. Then let the tea infuse in the fridge overnight to get a fresh and tasty iced tea.

A refreshing green smoothie

If you use our PlantHome, you may have already spotted it: the refreshing smoothie mix plant pad. We have specially created this plant pad to make making a healthy smoothie even easier. The mix of baby vegetables you grow on this pad consists of different types of radishes and is the perfect, healthy addition to almost any smoothie.

Sunny tomato juice with fresh basil

Yes, you read that right: you can also make delicious juice from tomatoes! Tomato juice may be a case of ‘love it or hate it’, but as far as we're concerned, this is the ultimate summer drink. The combination of tomatoes and basil is of course known from the caprese salad, but also works very well in the form of a drink! So, try giving your tomato juice some extra spice by adding some fresh, chopped basil!