Alternatives to the eternal peanut butter sandwich

Alternatives to the eternal peanut butter sandwich

Now that the summer holidays are over and we are going back to school and work, the eternal sandwich making also starts again. While in many countries a hot meal at noon is the standard, in the Netherlands it is very common to have sandwiches topped with sausage, cheese or peanut butter. We can imagine that the eternal peanut butter sandwich will disappoint you after a week and those sandwiches often end up in the trash while you let yourself be convinced to order something in the cafeteria again. This is of course a great waste, not only of the sandwiches but also of the money spent. Would you like to upgrade your lunchbox by filling it with something more original than those sandwiches? Then the PlantHome is your best friend! With the vegetables and herbs from the PlantHome you prepare delicious lunch dishes in hardly more time than making a sandwich. Below we give you some inspiration:


Caprese sticks

This snack is extremely easy to prepare, but no less tasty. All you need are some cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, fresh basil and cocktail picks. You can make these sticks by putting a ball of mozzarella, a cherry tomato and a leaf of basil on each cocktail pick. You can spice them up by sprinkling some oil and/or herbs over them.

Wraps with chicken and arugula

You can prepare these wraps in two minutes, but you’ll still have a tasty and healthy lunch! Simply spread the wraps with herbal cream cheese, top with some slices of chicken breast and sprinkle generously with fresh arugula. Roll them up tightly and fill your lunch box with them.


If you’re not a bread fan at all, you can also choose to take a tasty, nutritious smoothie to school or work. You can vary endlessly with the composition of your smoothie, think of for example a yogurt-based smoothie or a sweet banana-based smoothie. You can give your smoothie an extra healthy touch by adding the Own Greens smoothie mix!

Sandwich old cheese and pesto

Do you have a lot of fresh basil left and don't want to let it wither? Then make a jar of fresh pesto! You can do this very easily by mixing the basil in a food processor with pine nuts, parmesan cheese and garlic. This pesto tastes delicious on a sandwich with for example old cheese and chicken breast filet!