Everything about germination: How to make sure that your PlantHome is always full of plants

Everything about germination: How to make sure that your PlantHome is always full of plants


It is a problem that every home grower has to deal with: your seeds do not germinate and you are left with a (half) empty vegetable garden. Seeds are natural products, so it is always possible that a seed is of lower quality and does not germinate. However, there are a number of things that can increase the chance of germination. We have listed these for you below, and we also explain how the Own Greens germination guarantee works.

Shelf life of seeds

It’s not a problem to keep seeds that you have just purchased for a while before using them. But it is wise to take into account that the germination capacity of seeds decreases with time. How quickly this happens varies greatly from plant to plant, but it is in any case wise to sow the seeds you purchased first. At Own Greens we maintain a general shelf life of six months for our seeds.

Storing seeds

The way you store your unused seeds can also affect the quality of the seeds. Always store unused seeds in a dark, dry place. It is especially important that there is no fluctuating temperature or humidity in the storage location, as this can cause the seeds to germinate.

The right environment to germinate

In addition to the quality of the seeds, the environment in which you grow your plants can also affect their germination. Extreme cold or heat can prevent your seeds from germinating, so maintain a moderate temperature. When you grow with our PlantHome, you can easily place it in the living room or kitchen; a temperature of between 18 and 24 degrees is an optimal temperature for the seeds to germinate. Before you start growing with the PlantHome, be sure to read our growing manual, because it contains all the information you need to start your growing process successfully.

If your seeds do not germinate: the Own Greens germination guarantee

When you grow with our PlantHome and our plant pads or plant cups, you are entitled to germinating seeds! Have you followed all the steps in our growing guide, including the tips above, are your seeds less than six months old, but unfortunately they still don't germinate? Then make sure to contact us! We want to make sure that your growing process goes as smoothly as possible, so if you experience any problems, we're happy to help. We will then try to find out together with you what went wrong. If we cannot find a solution to germinate your seeds, you will receive new plant cups or plant pads for free, so that you can still enjoy a PlantHome full of fresh vegetables and herbs!