Go on a PlantHome tour this summer

Go on a PlantHome tour this summer

If you have been following Own Greens for a while, we can imagine that you may have become curious about our PlantHome, but find it difficult to purchase a product that you only know from images on our social media and website. Fortunately, there is now a solution to this! Because we are proud of our PlantHome and we want to show it to as many people as possible, there are several cafes and shops where you can admire our PlantHome ‘in real life’ and sometimes even purchase it. These places certainly are worth visiting themselves, so in this blog we have listed them all, so you can make a real ‘PlantHome tour’ this summer!

Roekoekoe, Zierikzee

Right in the city center of Zierikzee you can find the cosy cafe Roekoekoe. At Roekoekoe you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with homemade cake, lunch or a hot meal. And recently the owners of Roekoekoe have started growing their own fresh herbs, namely in their own PlantHomes! Here you can admire the PlantHome from a completely different angle, because they are mounted on the wall in the middle of the cafe.

Plantaardig, Middelburg

Plantaardig is a true paradise for every plant lover. In this shop in the city center of Middelburg, you can find a wide range of different plants and the necessary pottery. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can go to Plantaardig for advice about which plant suits you best and how you can best take care of your plants. And now you can also admire our PlantHome at Plantaardig! If you have become really enthusiastic, you can also directly buy the PlantHome starter set here to start your own growing adventure as soon as possible.

Boerderij Molenberg, Burgh-Haamstede

The Molenberg farm in Burgh-Haamstede has long been one of the places where you can see our PlantHome in action. At Molenberg you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, lunch or a drink, both on the spacious terrace and inside the farm. At Molenberg you can not only enjoy some nice food, but they also offer the possibility to rent an E-scooter or to play a round of golf on the 18-hole golf court.

Vitamineschuur, Zierikzee

Besides Roekoeke, there’s another location in Zierikzee where you can see the PlantHome, namely De Vitamineschuur. De Vitamineschuur is a farm shop where you can buy, among other things, home-grown strawberries, various other types of fruit and vegetables and regional products. And now you can also go to De Vitamineschuur to purchase a PlantHome. There is a show model in the store, so if you are still in doubt and would like to take a good look at the PlantHome, you are at the right address here.